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To protect your business, you are probably willing to work long hours and make numerous sacrifices.  Fortunately, you can protect your business from threats such as theft and robbery without troubling yourself beyond the expenses involved in buying a few cameras .  Studies have shown that simply the sight of security cameras deters many criminals.  While the cameras cannot arrest suspects, knowing that the crime will be observed usually spurs criminals to seek other targets.

If you want to protect your company from losses incurred by break-ins and other attempts to steal, review the available types of security cameras.


Types of Security Cameras :-


CCTV Security Cameras

The acronym stands for closed-circuit TV.  The cameras are typically hard wired to the recording device (DVR/NVR).  The cameras then send the video through the CCTV cable to the DVR unit.   CCTV security cameras have been around for 50+ years.  CCTV camera quality continues to improve, and because the cost is low, CCTV cameras are a very popular option.

Analogue cameras are limited to resolutions of the PAL standard of 720 x 480 or 0.4 megapixels (4CIF).

These cameras require more cabling than IP cameras. One analogue camera may require three separate cables: power, audio, video.

Analogue cameras also don’t offer the zoom-in clarity of IP cameras. If you zoom in on the analogue images, they will be a grainier picture.


IP Security Cameras

IP security cameras are similar to CCTV cameras but incorporate more modern technology.  IP cameras run on Ethernet cable.  Unlike CCTV cameras, IP cameras can send and receive data.  IP cameras typically provide about 4-6 times the clarity of a traditional high-resolution CCTV camera.

IP cameras offer resolutions that can range from 1.3 megapixels to 5 megapixels (2560 x 1920) of compressed, encoded transmissions. They can accept power (POE), video, audio, PTZ control, and control signals over a single network cable. Thus, cutting down installation time and costs. IP cameras provide overall higher video quality than analogue cameras. As they transmit truly digital signals, they offer far greater video detail, which makes them much better for facial recognition or detecting license plate numbers.


Outdoor Security Cameras

Many businesses use cameras  inside their facilities.  However, outdoor cameras can also be extremely beneficial. They are particularly useful when you need to observe a large exterior area.  They can be used for security purposes and also for simple methods of observation.  All our camera systems have built-in motion detectors so that they do not need to record continuously.


Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras can cover a wide area and can pan, tilt and zoom to capture great detail.


License Plate Recognition Cameras

License Plate Recognition Cameras (LPR) detect and recognize license plates on still and moving vehicles.


Hikvision AcuSense Technology

AcuSense technology helps you take security to the next level with accurate, real-time threat detection that distinguishes people and vehicles from other targets.



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