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DVR And NVR Recorders

When shopping for a security system, you’ll need to choose between a DVR or NVR recorder. Whether you’re a novice or a DIY security pro, you may find yourself wondering what the differences are between NVR and DVR systems. What are CCTV and POE? Most importantly, what is the right choice for your specific security needs? Both types of systems perform the same function, but the difference is in how they do it as well as the type of cameras used.

Understanding the difference between DVR and NVR is essential when evaluating security systems.


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Digital Video Recorders

Network Video Recorders


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Our HD DVRs supports up to 32 cameras and record in 4k true HD. Use existing coax cable and simply replace your old analog cameras with our HD models!

Our Network Video Recorders support 8 to 128 cameras which make them an excellent solution for both small and large projects.

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